Grilled Sweetcorn with Barbecue Sauce

These lightly charred sweetcorn kebabs with caramelised barbecue sauce are such an easy side dish to make, either on a cast iron grill pan or a barbecue.

Beer-battered Vegetable Tempura

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but as a passionate cook I only recommend things I actually use and love 🙂 I got addicted to deep frying since I started making batter at home.  A lot of other batter recipes won’t need a beer, but being…

California Quinoa Salad

The BEST salad ever! California quinoa salad is a mix of sweet potatoes, baby spinach, pomegranate, quinoa, and a refreshing homemade dressing sauce with lemon and honey. SO GOOD!