Differences between Emborg Cooking Cream and Pasta Cream

Founded over 70 years ago, Emborg is the primary retail brand of Uhrenholt. Its range of dairy products is now marketed in over 84 countries. You’ll surely recognise their signature royal purple packaging if you see them.

Emborg pasta cream and cooking cream

The Emborg pasta cream is both extra creamy and extra thick, as it has been specially developed for pasta sauce and is also a little flavoured. It’s a full-bodied cream of 35% fat, whereas the Emborg cooking cream is a lighter non-flavoured alternative of about 20% fat. The lighter texture means it never clots, even when it’s overheated. Perfect for dishes other than pasta, like soups and sauces.

Cooking creamPasta cream
Texturelightextra creamy and thick
Usesoups and saucespasta sauces

British single cream and double cream

In the UK, most brands have single cream and double cream products. Single cream contains about 18% fat and can be used for pouring over puddings, in sauces and in coffee. Double cream is about 48% fat, whips easily and is thickest for puddings and desserts.

Can I use the Emborg creams as a substitute for single or double cream?

The similarity in single cream and the Emborg cooking cream, and in double cream and the Emborg pasta cream, means they can be rightly substituted for each other. Single cream and the Emborg cooking cream have lower fat content and can be used for soups and sauces. Double cream and the Emborg pasta cream are both extra creamy and extra thick with a similar range of fat content and can be used for creamy pasta sauce.

Your choice of which Emborg cream or which substitute to use will depend on what you’re making, what fat content you desire, and if you want extra flavouring or not.

I prefer the Emborg cooking cream for its lower fat content and that it’s not flavoured, leaving my ingredients to give their natural flavours. Food turns out great every time 🙂

I definitely recommend trying these super easy recipes for creamy pasta!

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