Review: Bosch MaxoMixx 1000W Hand Blender 

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If you’re like me, spending hours and hours in the kitchen trying and creating recipes, you understand the need for a handy tool that can blend, cut, shred, knead and whip. If there is one kitchen must-have, mine would be a hand blender. It just makes preparations so much easier.

Photo: Bosch

The Bosch MaxoMixx 1000W hand blender (MS8CM6160G) was a Christmas present and I absolutely love it! I’ve used it to make so many different soups, turkey meatball, garlic sauce (yep, the kebab shop garlic sauce), tomato pasta sauce, parsnip puree, breadcrumbs, sesame paste and minced ginger.

With a hand blender, you can blend hot soups directly in the saucepan as you cook. This is absolutely the biggest reason I want a hand blender. I remember when I had a standard countertop blender, I had to pour a whole pot of hot soup into the blender, blend it, then pour all the soup back into the saucepan. Not only was it all very hot to work with, it also created a mess most of the time. 

I’ve really enjoyed using the hand blender so far, so I’m going to introduce my new favourite tool to you.

Ease of Use

First of all, I’d like to say the design is beautiful. It’s stainless steel with an ergonomic non-slip soft-touch handle, which makes it comfortable to hold and completely safe even when the speed is up. It weighs only about 1.52kg and has large buttons that control all the settings, making it very handy around the kitchen and easy to use.

Photo: Bosch


The Bosch hand blender comes with these accessories:

1 x mixing/measuring beaker
1 x stainless steel mixing wand
1 x balloon whisk
1 x universal shredder
2 x lid

Both the beaker and 750ml extra-large shredder have lids, so if you want to store your sauces and pastes in the fridge, you can put the whole thing straight in. 

The accessories are also easily released using a simple click-mechanism, after which they can be washed, dried, and locked back in safely. The accessories (except the lids) are dishwasher safe. Happy days.

Photo: Bosch
Photo: Bosch


If you have a broad palate and love making soups, purees, sauces and pastes, you will love the powerful 1000W motor. It really can process almost any ingredient. There are also 12 speed settings and the turbo function, so I can adjust the speed depending on what I’m blending and the consistency I want.

The QuattroBlade Pro is a 4-bladed knife that guarantees maximum efficiency, and I’m most fascinated by its built-in anti-splash and anti-suction technology. 


This hand blender has also been upgraded to chop up veggies and blend them to a perfect consistency. Now I don’t have to cut my veggies, cheese, nuts or meat by hand and it’s ideal for sauces and soups (which I love so very much). Even when it comes to baking, I can easily whisk my eggs, whip up some cream or mix pancake dough with Bosch. 

Just one downside

Hand blenders are not as powerful as countertop blenders. If you have to blend frozen fruits, ice cubes or anything hard like that, you might want to consider a countertop one. But if you’re like me, making soups and smoothies most of the time, then hand blenders are good enough. Just make sure, when you make things like meatballs, that there’s no bone in the meat as the bones will definitely damage the blades. 

My final verdict… 

I do highly recommend this hand blender if you’re dying to release your inner Jamie Oliver.

It’s currently 34% off on Amazon. Check out over 4,000 user reviews.

Which hand blender do you use and is it good? Share with me in the comments below!

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