For The Peanut Butter Purists…

Do you like peanut butter? I do! 🤩 Peanuts are very healthy as long as you eat them in moderation (as they are also high in fat). The problem with peanut butter is, there is often a lot of added sugar, salt, palm oil and other additives. That’s why we always only buy pure 100% peanut butter.

We used to buy the Morrisons one, and have recently discovered that M&S now also has its own.

While these two are both top quality, I have switched to the Meridian one as it comes in a 1kg tub. Yep! We love peanut butter so much that the standard little glass jars are just too small. Because it’s quite a big tub, you have to remember to stir it before you use each time. Otherwise you’ll end up with half a tub of dry peanut butter halfway when the naturally oily first half is gone.

1 kilo of Meridian peanut butter

There’re quite a few different deals on Amazon, 1 tub, 2 or 3 tubs bundle, smooth, crunchy. Have a look on Amazon.

As with the Morrisons and M&S ones, the Meridian one is also made with 100% peanut. No added sugar, no salt, no palm oil. I absolutely love it on my morning toast!

What’s your favourite peanut butter – crunchy, smooth, or pure? Share with me in the comments below!

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