🇫🇷 Classic French Onion Soup

Rich, savoury onion soup with a slice of crusty bread with melted cheese floating on top. This classic French onion soup is guaranteed to impress your significant other for a special dinner night!

Vegetable Beef Soup

Ingredient Morrisons Vegetable Soup Kit1 braising steak, diced3 small tomatoes, roughly chopped750ml beef stock2 tbsp tomato puree1 tsp dried basilSalt and black pepperCornflour Method Season steak with salt and pepper, add cornflour and mix well, so the steak is coated in it. Heat oil in a saucepan on high heat, brown the steak then remove…

Tomato and Sweet Potato Soup

What happens when you combine two highly nutritious veggies – tomatoes and sweet potatoes? You get a delicious bowl of sweet potato and tomato soup!

Creamy Fish Chowder

The first time I made fish chowder at home, I fell in love with it. 🧡 On a cold winter day, nothing warms up your tummy than a hot bowl of soup. I have lots of recipes for vegetable soups, but this was the first time I made fish soup. It was sooo good! You…

Broccoli and Blue Cheese Soup

Blue cheese has a strong taste, and many people will find it a little stinky, but it’s surprisingly good with broccoli soup! Even though usually, I wouldn’t say I like the taste, I find the soup very delicious. Because there’s potato in the soup, it’s quite filling. And it’s so easy to make, don’t even…

Chicken Ramen

Made chicken stock with the bones from our Sunday roast, and used the stock for this homemade Japanese ramen. Absolutely no MSG, we could even drink the soup!