Houmous Salad

Houmous Salad
Sprinkle some sesame seeds, some chopped nuts and some coriander…. tadaaaa! a beautiful houmous salad

It’s the season for salads again as we’re getting sweltering temperatures this week, even in the evenings. (It was 38°C in London the other day!) I always make my own dressings, but lately I’ve discovered houmous salad which I think tastes really nice! Sometimes I use guacamole – it works well too.

One of the reasons I like making salads is because there’s a lot of variety in the ingredients and dressing. Sometimes I just throw anything I find from the fridge and make a nice colourful salad. Like today, I’m using the courgette, sweet peppers, carrots, red cabbage, salad, and houmous.

Making a salad is basically putting everything together in a bowl and mixing it. But I like to put the courgette, sweet peppers, and carrots in the oven for about 15-30 mins first, so they’re nicely grilled and soft and sweet. This way, the salad tastes completely different from if you are to make a bowl of raw crunchy veggie salad.

Just before I serve the salad, I put some olive oil on the houmous which I like to put in the middle of the plate, with some sesame seeds, some chopped nuts and coriander for garnish. Tadaaaa, a beautiful houmous salad bowl.

Another tip is that I tend to put many different colours in my salad, so we get all the different nutrients from the different foods. Like when I buy salad mix from the supermarket, I like to choose the ones that have red and green. My favourite is the bistro style as it’s got beetroot slices, or I’ll get the baby leaf salad as it’s got red leaves which also add a bit of colour to the salad. Well, beetroots are healthy anyway! If it’s not already in the salad, I probably won’t eat them alone, so it’s good to have them in there.

M&S Bistro Salad
M&S Baby Leaf Salad

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