How would you like your burger?

How would you like your burger?

I just really want to say this again – a cast iron grill pan is the best kitchen equipment to invest in! Cast-iron pans can get to a very high temperature, so they’re perfect for meat like steak or lamb chops. They’re good even if you want to fry a few cherry tomatoes on the side or maybe toast two slices of bread for a sandwich because everything cooked on this pan will have some beautiful grill marks on them. And they’re quite cheap in the UK! Not a Le Creuset or Staub, just a supermarket brand that costs about £20. Really good value isn’t it?

So, about the burgers, you see it’s quite red on one side, but I fried them until they were both thoroughly cooked. Some restaurants now ask you ‘how would you like your burger?’ As if you’re having a sirloin or ribeye. But these burgers are made with quite a few steps in the process – at least they have to mince the meat and then put them back together right? There’s a much higher chance of the meat getting bacteria, so unlike a ribeye steak that you can have medium rare or medium, it’s only safe to have your burger fully cooked!

Just for your reference, I usually cook a medium sirloin steak for 3 to 3.5 minutes, but I cooked these two thick burgers for 16 to 18 minutes!

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